8 Gorgeous Succulent Types with Bold Colors for Your Yard

 Homifine.com - Succulent have various types in this world. Coming from the shapes, forms, or colors. And it makes them have their uniqueness. Here we collect some information so that you can learn 8 Gorgeous Succulent Types with Bold Colors for Your Yard. Let's check it out!

Red Aloe Dorotheae


This Red Aloe is a slow-growing aloe variety. Keep this succulent in bright sunlight for beautiful copper-red foliage. You also can grow them in pots and put at indoors or terrace area.

Campfire Red Crassula (Red Pagoda)


Has fleshy features and yellow-green leaves embellished with bright red tips, Red Pagoda includes a branching of succulent. This plant will provide the best leaf color if you give them full sun with some shade for protection from the midday heat during hot months.

Echeveria 'Red Rubin'


Echeveria Red Rubin is included succulent and the color of this plant can change with the season. This succulent exhibits a large, evergreen rosette of fleshy, emerald-green leaves patterned with burgundy red tips.

Agave Blue Flame and red edges


Included hybrid variety, Agave Blue Flame with red color at the edges has large rosettes features. And the leaves have smooth blue-ray that are decorated with toothed red-brown margins.

Lipstick Succulent


Like the name, Lipstick succulent has beautiful features with form rosettes of plumped, sharp, bright green leaves with pretty red tips. This plant closely resembles agave. And every tip has small spines hence the name.

Kalanchoe Luciae (Dessert Cabbage)


Dessert cabbage or known as flapjack or paddle plant is a beautiful succulent. It is because they have marks on round leaves with red hues. This plant also produces yellow flowers in late winter and early spring.

Jellybean Plant (Sedum rubrotinctum)


The jelly bean plant is a stunning succulent with fleshy round leaves in pink to deep red color. This succulent can't survive in frost and require protection during cold temperatures. 

Irish Red Head (Mammillaria spinosissima)


The unique succulent has beautiful features and a perfect place in the indoor or outdoor area. This plant has a distinct-looking cactus that displays a deep blue-green stem, which is barely visible under a dense covering of orange-red spines.

Thank you for reading 8 Gorgeous Succulent Types with Bold Colors for Your Yard, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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