Growing Hellebores: How To Care For Hellebores Flowers - Hellebores are the perennial flower in bloom and welcoming in spring with their rose-like blossoms. But, they also bloom in late winter to early spring, sometimes while the ground is still covered with snow. And here we have some information for you about How To Grow and Care For Hellebores Flowers. Let's check it out!

Planting tips for Hellebores


Place the Hellebore in well-drained and organic soil in filtered sun or a shady location. This applies to Hellebore, which is a planting of seeds or division. 

Make sure to accommodate growth and proper sunlight for the space. They also need no more than a few hours of dappled light and grow successfully in shady areas.

Care tips


You can provide plenty of water during spring and fall when Hellebore is actively growing. And easy up during the summer because the heat can cause dormant for the Hellebore flower.

Place the Hellebore in partial to full shade during the summer. And require more sunlight in winter. 

For the fertilizer, you can add an organic rich fertilizer (compost or well-decayed manure) to the soil when planting. Continue with applying a layer in the spring and early fall. Additional fertilizer is rarely needed if the soil is rich enough.



New growth at this Hellebore should come up between the older stems and leaves. And you can away-tatter the old growth with sharp pruning shears. Get the cutting close to the base as possible. 

Pruning the Hellebores can be done in late winter or early spring for the best time. It happens when new growth begins to appear on your plant.



Get division to propagate Hellebore flower. You can do it in late winter before they bloom the flower. Make sure each division has at least 2 buds. It's easiest to dig the entire plant and shake or wash off the soil. So, you can see where the buds are on the crown.

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