Growing Herbs In Water: Tips For Success and 7 Delicious Options - Growing plant in water media is the solution if you don't have a place or the area at home. But it is also worth it if you have a spot in the garden. Besides plants, you can grow herbs that are more useful in daily in your indoor garden. 

Then, let's check these Growing Herbs In Water: Tips For Success and 7 Delicious Options.

Care of herbs growing in water


You will get attention to care for the herbs that grow in water. You can change the water once or twice a week. This way can reduce the risk of algae and bacteria building in this container. 

Then, allow the plant to bloom to slow the growth of fresh leaves to cook. The trick is to cut off the flowers that grow appear at the tops of the stems.

How to Harvest


Any two options to harvest your herbs that grow in water. The first way, remove an entire stem or sprig from the jar. And the second way, harvest the leaves of your herbs to pluck individuals as needed.

When the herb's root


If your herbs that grow in the water get roots, you can remove them by cutting them from the container in a high-quality potting mix. Potted herbs can be placed on a windowsill where they receive direct sunlight. 

And if your herbs form the roots in spring to mid-summer, they can be hardened off and moved outdoors to garden beds or containers.



Basil is a herb that usually uses as an essential cook in the kitchen. This herb has flavors of spicy-sweet, and clove. Basil stems root in 2 to 3 weeks, and they can leave in water or transferred to pots of growing mix. Place Basil in an area that receives a lot of light for the best growth.

Lemon verbena (Herb tea)


Lemon verbena is a woody shrub that perfect to grow in water. They can grow up to 3-4 feet tall in garden beds and put on plenty of growth during the summer months. This herb is not tolerant to cold, and you must move them indoors when winter is coming.



This herb is popular and mostly used for cook or aromatherapy. You can grow Mint in water media for simplicity and efficiency. If Mint begins to flower in spring, you can clip the flower buds from the plant to encourage more leaves.

Vietnamese coriander (Persicaria odorata)


Including the Mint family, Vietnamese coriander also known as Asian Mint. This perennial herb can stand in water to grow and perfect place in the kitchen area as a cooking essential.

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