How to Grow Bizarre Plants that Eat Flies

How to Grow Bizarre Plants that Eat Flies -- Do the flies that have started to fly around your house bother you a lot? You can get rid of too many flies at home by growing plants that consume them. This carnivorous plant may resemble the strange plant you just saw and is extremely distinctive-looking. This plant can be grown indoors or outdoors in a fly-resistant home. 

Drosera Spp


The appearance of this carnivorous plant with protruding hair ends and sticky secretions is amazing. Trichomes are the name for these tiny hairs with sticky secretions that can catch flies. Indoor growing is best done in a glass terrarium. Its natural habitat is most preferred in a warm, humid environment.

Venus Flytrap


The venus flytrap, one of the most well-known carnivorous plants, is the source of the name. This plant consume both insects and spiders. They will grow in bunches if you plant them in little pots, as you can see.

It requires a lot of maintenance and should be kept warm so that it can withstand cold temperatures. Avoid keeping items in direct sunlight.

Darlingtonia California Oregon


Known as the cobra plant because of its snake-like appearance. This plant has pot-like leaf components that trap and force flies into the leaves, where they are them digested. With 4 - 6 hours of direct sunlight each day, this plant can thrive. It needs a combination of peat soil, pumice, and orchid skin in order to grow.



Because monkeys frequently drink from this plant in the rainforest, it is known as the money cup. Instead of plants, this plant can draw insect, trap them, and then eventually digest them. Maintaining this plant in a bright area with moist soil that is completely dry is essential for its growth.

Drosera Glanduligera


This plant, also known as pimpernel sundew, belongs to the Drosera genus and is an Australian native. This plant's outer sticky tentacles draw flies to it. With feathers and vivid colors, it does have a distinctive appearance. The ideal location to get rid of bothersome insects is around the windowsill or in the kitchen, where plants in small pots can be placed.


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