How to Grow a Jade Plant that is Thicker and Larger Like a Tree

How to Grow a Jade Plant that is Thicker and Larger Like a Tree -- The jade plant is a kind of succulent that can be used as an indoor or outdoor decoration and grows like a tree. This plant requires little maintenance and has the potential to become quite larger. The following advice can help you grow thicker, larger jade plants like trees.

How to bush out jade plants as much as possible


Pruning actively is the key. But the proper pruning technique for this plant must be taken into account. You could get some tools ready, like scissors. Prune jade plants just above their leaf scars or stem rings. Make sure you don't immediately discard the trimmed leaves. But keep it above the pot so that is becomes a new plant. 

Ways to grow a larger jade plant


- Place in the proper location

Place the jade plant where it will grow more densely. It  will grow broad leaves if you store it in direct sunlight. If kept in a dimly lit area. This plant stems will stretch. 3 to 4 hours of light are needed to perform the growth miracle.


- Correct watering

Jade plant require careful watering. To ensure that the plants grow thickly, regular watering must be provided. When the top soil has dried, water it only an inch.


- Supply nutrition

Feeding plants is essential, especially if you want your jade plants to grow large. Provide fertilizer for 6 - 8 weeks during the planting period and the plants are actively growing using liquid fertilizer. If you live in a cold climate, stop fertilizing in mid-fall and winter.


- Plant concurrently

Planting multiple plants in one pot is the quickest way to give a jade plant a bushier appearance. To make it look more bushy like a tree, plant 3 to 4 plants.

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