Moses in the Cradle Plant: How To Care for Tradescantia Spathace - Native to Mexico and Central America, this houseplant is known for its beautiful dark green, lance-shaped leaves with purplish-red undersides. Moses in the cradle or Tradescantia spathacea has various names. From boat lily, Moses in a basket, Moses in the bulrushes, and oyster plant. Let's look at these How To Care for Tradescantia Spathace. Check it out!

Light and humidity


Requiring indirect bright light daily, Moses in the Cradle can survive for six hours. Keep away this houseplant from direct sunlight lest you wanna scorch it. They also tolerate low light, but the leaves will be more green than purple. 


Get the humidity in the medium around 40 percent. And if you look at a brown leaf in this houseplant, it's an indication of dry air. Moses in the cradle can survive in temperatures above 55 degrees F, and warmer conditions of 65-80 degrees F that are considered optimal for the plant.



No need to schedule to water Tradescantia spathacea. You can check them first before watering. Watering this houseplant when the first two inches of soil dry. And when the growth is minimal while in winter, you can try to keep the soil dry.

Soil and fertilizer


Moses in the cradle is the houseplant that fast-growing. And they can grow in light soil that retains moisture for a long but drains water quickly. Create the potting mix using an equal amount of peat moss and perlite. And another option, you can apply organic matter and sand. 

Avoid overfeeding this houseplant can cause mineral accumulation in the soil and can kill it. Just apply a water-soluble balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength once a month.

Pruning and propagation


Pruning is part of care for the houseplant, and it can keep the shape of the plant and improve its appearance. Pinch off growing to help the plant have a bushier. You also can trim the dead and dying leaves. The propagation step can do through stem cuttings, root division, or seeds.



Repotting Moses in the Cradle frequently to help the plant grow well. You can be repotting them after every one or two years to prevent the plant from becoming root bound.

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