Peace Lily Drooping: 5 Reasons Why Your Spathiphyllum is Wilting - Including a popular houseplant, Peace Lily is also easy to grow that perfect to place at your house or office. With their green, glossy foliage, Peace Lily can bloom beautiful white flowers. 

But, like other houseplants, Peace Lily drooping is a frequent problem. And it can cause several factors. See these 5 Reasons Why Your Spathiphyllum is Wilting. Check it out!



Yes, Peace Lily indeed loves moisture environment. But, too much water can make Peace Lily droop, yellow leaves, and even plant death. To water the Peace Lily, better if you get check the moisture levels regularly. 

Use simple checks like sticking your finger about an inch down into the soil. If the soil feels relatively moist, you may not need to water. But if it feels dry, you definitely should.

Underwatering a Peace Lily


Underwatering your Peace Lily can also cause a problem. Make sure that the soil in the top inch always feels slightly moist. Usually, many people water their houseplants thoroughly. 

It most often causes drooping and browning leaves. You can pour the water into the top of the pot. Wait for it to penetrate the soil and watch for the excess to drain out of the bottom of the pot.

Drooping Peace Lily because too much the light


Getting much light, such put at direct sunlight can make your Peace Lily droop and the leaves turn crunchy and brown. They prefer bright, indirect lighting for the best growth. 

You can place the Peace Lily near a window on the north side of your home or even in a room with bright, artificial lighting should do well.

A draft can cause wilt


Derived from the tropics, this houseplant prefers steady temperatures between 60 and 85 F. Peace Lily will get drooping if you put them in an area below 60 F. It's too cold for Peace Lily's comfort. 

Temperature fluctuations also don't serve this plant well either. It means, avoiding blasts of hot air coming from your heating vents or fireplace.

Pests also cause drooping of the Peace Lily


Same with other plants, Peace Lily also will droop because of pests. Such, as spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs. To avoid them, you can control small infestations by spraying off plant leaves in the shower or at the kitchen sink. 

Still, larger or longer-term infestations may call for something stronger, like an application of insecticidal soap or neem oil. Making sure to keep Peace Lily as healthy as possible is generally the best defense against pests like these.

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