Six Stunning Monstera Varieties You Must Have -- Beautiful ornamental plants are now starting to be favored by various groups to be collected or used for decoration. Everyone certainly has a preference for certain plants, one of which is monstera. This Monstera became popular because of the uniqueness of the leaves it has. There are several varieties of monstera that you can have, check Six Stunning Monstera Varieties You Must Have.

Monstera Adansonii


This first monstera variety has a distinct and appealing appearance. One of this variety's distinguishing features is its green leaves with holes in the center. If you prefer monstera in small sizes, this is the best for you.

Monstera Aurea

This monstera has finger-shaped leaves with varying colors, as opposed to adansonii, which has a hole in the middle of the leaf. These large leaves are a random mix of light and dark green. Some people might think that this is not a real plant.

Monstera Siltepecana


This monstera variety is popular because it can grow vines and has more perfect leaves without holes or fingers. This monstera is distinguished by its green and silver leaves. You can train it to grow neatly by growing it on a trellis.

Monstera Thai Constellation


This monstera cultivar is a variegated plant with a distinct white pattern color. Its color is the result of a chlorophyll-deficient mutation. This plant has a relatively high selling price due to its uniqueness, but it is still sought after by collectors.

Monstera Esqueleto


This variety resembles Monstera adansonii but has larger leaves and holes. If you have it as a house plant, it thrives in darker environments. However, you must provide enough light for it to grow properly.

Monstera Deliciosa


This monstera is the most common because it can grow to be quite large and has finger heart-shaped leaves. This plant can reach a height of 20 meters in its natural habitat. However, if you have it at home, it may only grow to a height of 8-9 meters. Although the young leaves appear normal, as they grow, they will gradually produce hollow leaves.





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