The Best Monstera Plant Varieties to Grow at Home

The Best Monstera Plant Varieties to Grow at Home -- Monstera is a captivating top choice with rich, green, and luxurious foliage. With its many varieties, this beautiful plant attracts many people and grows well as a decoration in various places. The beauty of this ornamental plant makes it aesthetically pleasing for all spaces and serves as a good air purifier in the room. Check out the best varieties below:

Monstera Deliciosa


This monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant that spreads naturally. This Central American green leaf is known for its natural leaf holes and is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. These plants can increase leaf spreads to reduce the leaf cell supporting mass.

Monstera Deliciosa Variegata


Monstera variegata is a hollow-looking leaf plant that is part of the monstera albo variegata cultivar. The distinctive foliage is a subtle white, cream color. These aerial-rooting vines are known as epiphytes.

Monstera Adansonii


Monstera adansonii, unlike Monstera deliciosa, has hollow leaves that grow vines and creeps as a wild plant in most Central American forests. WIth age, the majority of the leaves become heart-shaped and hollow. 

Monstera Obliqua


Monstera obliqua is a rare and delicate plant that is best suited to those with green thumbs. This plant grows well with special care, such as lighting and regular watering. The leaves resemble those of Monstera adansonii, but they are wider, thinner, and more prone to tearing.

Monstera Dubia


Monstera dubia is a popular monstera plant of other varieties. This plant is uncommon and less well-known than others. Its growth is very interesting growing vines and can be an ornamental plant collection at home. Is a tropical plant native to Central and South America.

Monstera Thai Constellation


Many gardeners adore this particular plant. Monstera Thai Constellation is a tissue culture plant grown in a Thai laboratory that has wide, split leaves. Green leaves with almost creamy white spots are uncommon in other plants.

Monstera Cebu Blue


When placed in a damp environment, this lovely monstera with pseudo-blue green leaves appears soft. This plant has spiky leaves with glossy leaf surfaces and a range of green to pseudo-silver colors. This plant is  a vine requires support to properly propagate.

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