7 Awesome Bronze Leaf Houseplants

Homifine.com -- Have you ever thought of having a plant with a metallic-colored in your home or garden? Consider getting one or more of these seven exotic plants with such bronze leaves. They are so pretty, adding a touch of subtle shimmer that adds an elegant look. For you, here are 7 awesome bronze leaf houseplants.

1. Coleus


There are many colors of the Coleus plant. You can't miss the coleus ColorBlaze. It has striking metallic red-bronze color, especially when exposed to sunlight. It grows up to 34 inches tall and 38 inches wide. During hot weather, you can water the plant twice a day.

2. Autumn Fern


The autumn fern (Dryopteris erthrosora) gets its name from the unfurled leaves that resemble the bronze color of autumn. This plant is so stunning, with glossy foliage in a striking bronze-orange color. Autumn fern prefers shade and cannot stand direct sunlight. The full sun will scorch its leaves.

3. Anthurium Chamberlainii


Not all tropical plants are bright green. There is also Anthurium chamberlainii, which offers large, heart-shaped foliage in a glossy bronze color like this one. Its large leaves change color frequently as they age. When young, it appear to be a deep bronze, but as it matures, the leaves become darker.

4. Begonia brevirimosa exotica


Begonia brevirimosa exotica has metallic foliage that is mix of bronze and burgundy colors with dark-green veins. The elegant patterns on glossy leaves make them a show-stopper in your home. This plant prefer indirect light and should be watered at least once a week.

5. Graptosedum bronze


Graptosedum bronze has stunning rosette in bronze, marron, and pink. The rosette will turn red or purplish if exposed to direct sunlight. You can water this lovely succulent with the soak and dry method, where you soak the potted plant in water and then let the soil dry before watering again.

6. Begonia Pink 'Bronze Leaf'


The name of this begonia already explains how it looks. A begonia with rose-colored flowers and bronze leaves. The bronze leaves grow large and glossy. This plant is great for mass growing as a border or container plant. It grows well in sunny or shady spots.

7. Magnificent croton


Magnificent croton is stunning with patterned leaves in colors ranging from orange, bronze, green, yellow and red. Grow it outdoor in afternoon shade spot, or indoor with high light, such as a sunny window. This plant can reach of height of 3 to 4 feet.

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