7 Cozy Corner Ideas with Houseplants

7 Cozy Corner Ideas with Houseplants

Homifine.com -- Houseplants for home interiors should never be underestimated. Fortunately, not all houseplants can be used to enhance home decor. Houseplants' attractiveness and aesthetics will give your home a bold look whole also acting as an air purifier and improving the quality of cleanliness. You can use the following plants to decorate a corner of the room. 

Adorn a corner of your room


Mix industrial-style interiors with houseplants and other trinkets or tools. This idea will give your plant collection a distinct appearance.

Begin with plants in hanging baskets


Consider suspending plants from the ceiling. This will draw the viewer's attention upward. Choose dangling plants such as pothos, trailing succulents, and hoya. Place them around the windowsill for addition lighting.

Assemble on the bathroom wall


Bathrooms are notoriously small, bu this would be ideal for creating a vertical garden in your bathroom. Install it on the wall with or without a trellis. Select vines, climbing plants, or trailing plants.

Install wall art and plants


With houseplant, this corner will become a dominant focal point of the space. Orange interiors will have a focal point in the corner, which could be anything from plants to gallery wall art. Combine details that are dominated by geometric shapes.

Lazy corner dried plants


The corner sofa will require sufficient space to display decorative details and keep you occupied during the arrangement. This dry garden model will last a long time. Choose cactus plants to highlight the valuable surface.

Decorate your TV wall


With spiky plant growth placed behind the home TV wall, you can change up your home decorating habits. As well as using specific growing mediums to facilitate placement. Fill in the gaps along the wall in rows, as shown.

Showcase on floating shelves


The main requirement for having plants is to use a portion of the wall to place a plant shelf. As well as choose plants that thrive in sunlight and position each plant coherently along the decor of the space in the corner.

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