7 Houseplants that are Difficult to Maintain


7 Houseplants that are Difficult to Maintain

Homifine.com -- Plants provide numerous benefits to both the environment and the owner. It can refresh the environment, add a tropical touch to the room, and add aesthetic value. However, not all plants are easy to care for and can be planted by anyone; in fact, some ornamental plants are finicky about care and require special attention to thrive. Some erratic plants can be found in the following review:

Pine Norfolks Island


The Norfolk Island Pine is a popular plant for Christmas decorations. Every year, its distinctive branches and medium size serve as a decoration. This plant is difficult to kill, and it prefers bright light and humidity when it is growing. It is difficult to maintain during the winter and must be kept moist and well lit.

Venus Flytrap


A popular carnivorous plant that prefers high humidity and thrives in terrariums. It is extremely difficult to locate in a dry, cool environment. This plant consumes insects and passes them on to carnivorous plants.



This plant's scent it mesmerizing and provides a much calmer feeling. Gardenias are lovely, but they can be temperamental. It is difficult to keep this plant alive and blooming. It prefers bright light and acidic soil. As a result, it may fail and die during the winter.



The dragon tree is low-maintenance but grows slowly. This plant is ideal for beginning gardeners. Green leaves with a pink tinge on the edges, pointed. Will look stunning in a quiet, sunny corner of the room. This plant may wilt if its is overwatered or exposed to rainy.

Boston fern


Although this plant is classified as relatively easy to care for, it will suffer during dry winters because its natural habitats is a tropical rainforest. It will struggle to survive if it receives too mush sunlight.

Miniature Roses


This lovely potted plant in festive colors is a miniature rose. This plant will suffer greatly if it receives insufficient light, humidity, or is attacked by pests. To ensure that it grows well, expose it to direct sunlight for a few hours.



This eye-catching plant with yellow, red, and orange leaf colors is ideal as a room accent. However, it is extremely sensitive to low light, strong winds, and finicky watering. It must be moved to the proper location so that the leaves do not fall off.

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