7 Stunning Foliage of Begonia that Catch Your Eye

Homifine.com -- The beauty of begonia leaves is one of the highlights of the various types of popular houseplants. Not only one, you can enjoy the beauty of begonia leaves from the many types they have. For several types of begonias that you can have because of the beauty of their leaves, check out 7 Stunning Foliage of Begonias that Catch Your Eye.




Begonia Mazae Nigricans

The first type of begonia that you can have has small leaves with a brown color with a bright green center that makes it glow. They would also be perfect to have as a hanging plant.

Begonia Kingiana

If you look closely, you can see a pattern on the leaves of this begonia that resembles flower petals with a darker green color. This will cause people to look twice to appreciate the uniqueness of the leaves.

Begonia Bachiensis

This leaf has no pattern and appears in a clean dark color, making it ideal for room decor that wants to emphasize a mysterious and elegant side. Watering the leaves will damage them, so avoid doing so.

Begonia Momokagari


This momokagari is a Japanese hybrid that appears to be a maculata at first glance. However, if you look closely, the maculata pattern appears to be polka dots, whereas the momokagari pattern appears to be thick, disjointed lines. This begonia has stunning flowers in addition to its stunning leaves.

Begonia Thurstonii

When you see these gleaming leaves, you'll be curious as to what this ornamental plant is. Even though it lacks a distinct pattern, the leaves of this begonia have shades of green that complement its shiny appearance.

Begonia Marmaduke

This begonia leaf's unique motif is deceiving your eyes. You might mistake this for a begonia plant. The combination of green and red makes it appear to be in natural camouflage.

Begonia Cracklin Rosie

The leaves look similar to maculata and momokagari at first glance, but have a darker color and wavy leaves like curly. This type will make your room look impressive and will catch the attention of any visitors.





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