7 Succulent Container Ideas for Free from Household Items

7 Succulent Container Ideas for Free from Household Items

Homifine.com -- Here are some free succulent container ideas you can find around your house. Creative succulent planting ideas that maximize used or unused items in the home will reduce waste accumulation. You can reuse it instead of throwing it away by using it for succulent container. This review exemplifies the concept.

Masher of spices


This spice masher will undoubtedly be replaced by a blender or chopper once the furniture in the house has been updated. Because succulent containers are usually very strong and open from clay, you can use it for them.

Teapot with artwork


To make a lovely impression, paint the outside of a matching teapot. This teapot is ideal for a mini container of succulent plants of various types. Color analysis is also very interesting.

Ceramic vessel


You can expedite planting ideas by using repurposed items from around the house as succulent mixes. Choose an energetic echeveria or donkey tail species for the room table.

Saved cooking stove


Finish the home garden with a succulent planting made from a cook stove refined into a succulent container. Fill it with pearl strands and divide it with echeveria species on top.

Container made of rattan


Rep the planting concept with a rattan container that will look unique on a room table or in a corner of the house. Container with stretchy models and lots of holes are ideal for succulent that don't require a lot of water. You can also make it a hanging planting model by adding rope.

Invention of a chair


This new discovery is like a hidden treasure. As a luxurious and colorful mini succulent planting idea, you can use an unused or even old chair.

Bucket and rope for hanging


Hanging buckets are typically used to fertilize plants that you carry around with you. Beautiful types of succulents will add a more creative look to the house. Such as a donkey's tail or a burros tail.

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