8 Beautiful Climbing Plants with Yellow Flowers

Homifine.com -- Consider growing climbing plants with yellow flowers. This will be a showy plant for your garden. The yellow flowers will work as attention-grabbers in the garden, brightening it up. Some yellow vine flowers even have a nice scent, making your home garden smell pleasant. Add these 8 beautiful climbing plants with yellow flowers to your garden immediately!

1. Trumpet Vine


Trumpet vine really takes a long time to bloom. However, it's worth the wait. When it blooms, this climbing plant produces trumpet-vine flowers in a fresh yellow-peach color. It thrives in full sunlight and is loved by pollinators, adored by gardener and anyone who passes by.

2. Trailing Lantana


Trailing lantana is plant in the Verbena family. It has golden yellow cluster flowers that bloom in the summer till early frost. The trailing lantana can be used as a ground cover as it can grow low. It grows best in well-drained soil with full sun.

3. Yellow Butterfly Vine


Yellow butterfly vine (Mascagnia macroptera) blooms in summer from May to September. The flowers grow in cluster and have five yellow petals. This beautiful vines loves direct sunlight and warmth. Its dark green foliage and bright yellow flowers will create a stunning contrast in your garden.

4. Black-eyed Susan Vine


Black-eyed Susan vine is a climbing plant that grows quickly and is easy to care for. It can reach a height of 12 feet. Its yellow flowers bloom beautifully with a black center for an elegant contrast. Plant in full to partial sunlight. Give the flowers a regular watering and fertilizing to ensure that they bloom throughout the season.

5. Fire Vine


The fire vine is not your typical climbing plant. It is a beautiful, flowery show. It has earned a reputation as the fire line's flowers. The flower will change color as it ages. The flower gradually transition from red to yellow-orange to orange-white. It thrives in sunny location and can be used as a natural screen.

6. Yellow Honeysuckle Vine


Scentsation honeysuckle is a showy vine. The flowers on this flower plant are extremely fragrant. Throughout the summer, the flowers bloom, followed by small red berries. This vine prefers full sun and sandy soil. It is a wonderful addition for both trailing and fence plant in the summer garden.

7. Carolina Jessamine


Carolina jessamine offers canary yellow flowers that are very attractive. Unfortunately, this plant is only good to look at. Carolina jessamine is poisonous to both humans and livestock. These are lovely climbing plants for your full-sun garden.

8. Yellow Mandevilla


Mandevillas opal yellow have bright trumpet-like flowers. This plant grows well on trellises can provide shade for your pergola or outdoor lounge. The flowers will continue to bloom all season until frost. This plant won't bloom in a shady location, so grow it in direct full sunlight.

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