Amazing Types of Pretty Foliage Houseplants -- When you have house plants, you can see their beauty not only from their flowers. Nowadays, many plants present beautiful leaves and become an amazing attraction for anyone who sees them. Not only that, some of these beautiful leafy plant ideas are also perfect for decorating your room. Check out Amazing Types of Pretty Foliage Houseplants.



Although anthuriums also have beautiful flowering varieties, this one is no less eye-catching. It has heart-shaped leaves with neat patterns on its green and silver leaves. They will grow quickly when you take good care of them.



If you like plants that can grow vigorously, tradescantia is an interesting option for you. This beautifully leafy plant is also easy to maintain and can survive well in a variety of conditions. Just don't water too often to avoid rotting.

Alocasia Silver Dragon


Other alocasia also have beautiful leaves, but this one is particularly eye-catching. The silver color of its leaves has a green shadow pattern that makes it look more elegant. This plant is perfect for decorating a home with a minimalist style.

Pothos 'Marble Queen'


This marble queen pothos variety has leaves with a white color that is more dominant than green. As many know that pothos has benefits that can clean the surrounding air effectively.



The beauty of the leaves of this plant has been widely recognized. Coleus has a distinctive leaf shape and color in its various varieties. Grow it well until it resembles a small tree that you can place in the corner of the room. Give pruning to the leaves at the bottom, and leave a few stalks on the top.



It seems as if more and more varieties of caladium are emerging with unique and attractive looks. The main attraction of caladium is its leaf pattern with various colors. If you encounter a damaged leaf, you can immediately cut it off so that it does not interfere with the growth of the plant in the pot.





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