Fresh Soothing Interior Design Ideas We're Obsessed With -- We were mesmerized by how this interior design looks simple, but at the same time feel so fresh and soothing. We believe the interior design and decor ideas presented here are worth sharing with our dear readers.

Taking a touch of light Boho space. The house remains spacious and airy, but it sill has a personal style that makes it special. Here are fresh soothing interior design ideas we're obssesed with.

Living room with comfy couch

Let's start in the living room. It's got a boho twist, with seating covered in sofa blankets in very 'Boho' patterns and textures. Covering the floor with rugs in barn styles creates a welcoming atmosphere here. The use of wall and interior decorations here creates such a breezy aesthetics.

Let the outside stuff in

Everyone desire a bright and embracing home. This can be achieved by providing windows or glass doors for sunlight to enter the house. It can be covered with sheer when it is extremely hot. You can also bring indoor plants into the house. Plants add a touch of beauty and natural color. It refreshes the atmosphere of the living space.

Cozy and relaxing kitchen design

A kitchen in an open-space scheme must have a harmonious interior arrangement. Make the most of the corner space by installing L-shaped cabinets and countertops. Apply white paint to reflect light and improve the feeling of of space in this kind of kitchen.

Bright dining area ideas

Use sleek furniture designs with clean lines to emphasize simplicity and functionality here. It is near the window, which will allow fresh air to enter and keep the room bright. The walls are used for storage shelves and display racks that makes this are inviting and lively.

More aesthetic things

There is a special corner dedicated to the artsy lounge. It's got hammock and rattan decorations that brings a Boho vibe to this space. It features indoor plants and a plant displayed in such a creative way. Incorporating a large palm leaf painting on the wall made this room so aesthetically pleasing.

Soothing bedroom ideas

This soothing bedroom has a Boho-Scandi style that provides a complete rest for its owner. Adding dangling plants to the floating shelves gives a natural freshness and provide clean air.

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