How to Care for Norfolk Island Pine at Home -- Norfolk Island Pine is a dainty plant that's often used as the perfect alternative to a Christmas tree. This is a great indoor plant for those who want their home to be festive but not overwhelming.

Christmas may be over, but take good care of your Norfolk Island pine. You'll reward with a classic look and a air-purifying powerful plant at home. Below is how to care for Norflok Island pine at home.

Light requirements


The Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria Heterophylia) is a hassle-free and mess-free plant that you must have. You can treat it as an indoor plant. Norfolk Island pine grows well in medium-to-bright conditions with indirect light. They also love to get a few hours of medium direct sunlight. 

Scheduled watering


The Norfolk Island Pine isn't actually a pine tree. It is a tropical plant that requires the soil to be slightly moist but not soaking wet. You can water this plant once every 1-2 weeks. Let the soil dry out first during watering. Do the finger test in brighter light,  the plant may need more water as drought will lead the needles to crisp up.

Ideal humidity


As a tropical plant, the Norfolk Island Pine requires high humidity. However, it can tolerate normal room humidity. Keep the room's humidity high with a humidifier or place a pebble tray near this plant.

Feed the plant


The Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria Heterophylia) has an active growing season from spring to fall. You can feed fertilizer during this time. Fertilizer should be applied twice a month during the later spring and early summer, when this plant is actively growing. In summer, the Norfolk Island pine work doubles as an charming house plant in your home.

Find out other common problems


A well-kept Norflok Island pine plant is always a good festive Christmas tree substitute. This plant has common problems such as needle drop, which can be due to overwatering or lack of light, crisping up the needles due to dryness, and stem rot due to overwatering and soggy soil. If these occur, treat this plant well.

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