How to Easily Care for Colorful Fuschia Flowers at Home

How to Easily Care for Colorful Fuschia Flowers at Home -- Fuschia is a primrose exit plant characterized by its bright, upside-down flowers. This plant has over 100 species and numerous varieties. This plant is native to South America, but it can also be found in Mexico, Central America, and New Zealand. Fuschia attracts hummingbirds and bees as an outdoor plant and can be grown in containers and hanging baskets.



Fuschia is a shade plant that need light to grow and flower. This plant should be placed in a location that gets direct morning sun or partial sun all day. Hardy varieties fare well in soil. The varieties have lovely red and orange flowers that look great in hanging baskets.



Fuschia requires humus-rich soil or a light organic potting mix in a well-drained pot to thrive. Allow the plants to breathe, and keep the soil cool with wooden or fiber containers.



Watering is essential for keeping the soil medium moist. When the weather is dry, this fuschia will be in full bloom and will require watering once or twice a day. Water it in the evenings or early mornings, and the relocate it to a cooler location.



How you care for your fuschia in March and April will have an impact on its grown in the summer. In the spring, schedule regular fertilization and apply lightly weekly. To make them more active and grow bushy flowers use liquid fertilizer that has been measured according to the rules.

Disease and pets

Pests and disease can still attack plants grown in greenhouse in a warm climate. Typically, whitefly will attack during the early stages of development. To reduce tick populations, use insecticides or methamphetamine. Because the flower are soft and easily burned, spray gently on the leaves.

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