Indoor Plants that Increase Humidity Reduce Dry Air in Homes -- Owning plants is not just about fulfilling your gardening hobby, but it can be very rewarding when you collect plants and benefit from them at the same time. Some plants that can increase humidity for your home, check Indoor Plants that Increase Humidity Reduce Dry Air in Homes.

Spider plants


This one plant is undoubtedly excellent. Apart from having easy maintenance and spread, spider plants are also known to increase the humidity in the room they occupy. Of course, you need more spider plants to make the humidity more noticeable.

Jade plant


Jade plant is very popular in China as it is considered a plant that brings good luck to its owner. Especially when it produces flowers, the owner will be very happy. In addition to these things, jade plants also have the interesting benefit of increasing the humidity of the air around them so you need to determine the best location for them.

English Ivy


English ivy is known for its high transpiration rate that will make the room more humid. You can plant it in a pot equipped with a trellis or let it creep up the wall with a natural look.

Areca Palm


If you like relatively large plants, areca palm is one option for you. The beautiful leaves resembling coconut trees make the room feel fresher and its ability to increase humidity is also an attraction to have. Place it in a bright area around the window.

Boston Fern


These plants are able to clean the air and increase the humidity of the surrounding space. With frequent watering, these plants disperse moisture from their leaves and stems. Boston fern is also very easy to grow densely in pots.

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos is one of the most popular plants for cleaning the air of pollutants and replacing it with comfortable moisture. They are widely placed as hanging plants and even if you ignore them, golden pothos will find it hard to die.






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