Small Kitchen Ideas That are Big On Style -- A dream kitchen doesn't have to be grand and luxurious. Even in a small space, it can have a lot of style. The key to creating a functional yet stylish small kitchen is clever organization.

We try to bring interesting and adaptable small kitchen ideas to any home. The small kitchen makes it possible to be a home chef's haven and will put you in the mood to cook. Let's see more pictures and ideas about small kitchen ideas that are big on style.

Bright, lovely kitchen with sunlight and plants


Even pets enjoy unwinding in this bright and cheerful kitchen. Letting in optimal sunlight through the windows and skylights installed. The interior scheme uses a white wall and a wooden floor, giving the small kitchen a spacious and airy look. Growing herbs or ornamental plants is also a plus for a fresh and functional kitchen when cooking needs seasoning herbs.

Incorporate style through the backsplash


A small white kitchen may look bright and airy. However, without any decorative touches, it can be too boring. Incorporate style by using contrasting colors. Try adding a backsplash in a striking contrasting color, like this teal tile backsplash. It stands out against the white walls. This kind of backsplash takes this small kitchen to a whole new level.

Ditch the cabinet, opt for open shelving

@Melanie Ward

This may not be an option for all small kitchen, but an unfilled wall of upper cabinets looks more spacious. Choose open shelves or floating shelves, such as this one, to make it feel less empty. These shelves can be used to display a collection of decorative items in the kitchen. Keep the backsplash smudge free for a clean and stunning small kitchen.

Grow the plants that greet you

@ Natalie Doef

Plants will liven up your small kitchens. You can grow dangling plants like pothos. Grow them in an area where their growth doesn't interfere with your cooking space. You can place it on a shelf on the upper wall to serve as a welcoming plant. This plant arrangements add something new and fantastic to the Boho-Scandinavian kitchen.

Play with the layout


Small kitchens may have limited layout options. However, you can get a small kitchen in a galley or single-wall layout but in stylish way. Feel free to have wooden countertops with gray cabinets, then choose a refrigerator in an olive color and a backsplash in a stunning granite pattern. Lively kitchen elements with different shapes and colors will make a dramatic statement.

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