Top 7 Water-Loving Houseplants -- It's not about plants that love overwatering. It is about plants that can thrive, or at least grow roots, in water without soil. Water propagation be sure.

Water propagation is the most common method of plan propagation. It promotes root growth in plant cuttings, and the added bonus display of plant growing in a clear vase filled with water. It's like having your own mini plant lab.

The following are the top 7 water-loving houseplants.

Anthurium andreanum

Some know it as the flamingo lily or painter's palette. Anthurium grow in water in a clear vase makes an eye-catching display. Unfortunately, water does not provide as many nutrients as soil. So, use mineral water to provide essential nutrients to the plant. Change the water regularly, and add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to the new water.

Parlor palm

Although it is uncommon, parlor palm can grow in water. Hydro Plants by Leoni has proven it. The parlor palm has graceful green leaves that grow upright in a clear water. Growing it in water with pebbles in a clear vase or vessel will add a unique and fresh finishing touch to your home. 


Succulents are plants with roots that grow easily in water. This is perfect for a forgetful home gardener to water your plants. Pick a transparent jar filled with clean water or mineral water. Submerged the tip of the succulent to grow its roots. Only the roots of succulent should be submerged, not the rosette or flesh.


Just like succulents, cacti can grow their root in water. Root growth will appear after soaking for a week or more, depending on soil nutrients and weather. Place it in a sunny window to encourage healthier cactus growth in water.

Lucky bamboo

Rather than other plants, lucky bamboo plants have been recognized as plants that grow well in water with pebbles. It used as decorative plants in offices and homes. Make sure the roots are always waterlogged. Replace the water with fresh air every 7-10 days. Remove any algae that may appear in the transparent vase.

Sweet potato

Why not experiment with sweet potatoes? The roots of this sweet potato plant grow easily in water. You only need to soak the sweet potato roots in water. Use a jar specifically designed for sweet potatoes or plants with tubers. The sweet potato can produce new leaves in addition to roots.

Your typical houseplants

Many common plants can grow roots in water. Snake plant, philodendron, golden pothos, and monster are among the plants. These plants require nutrient-rich water to stimulate the growth of new roots and leaves. It will be a lively and stunning display in your home.

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