7 Best Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

7 Best Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

Homifine.com -- Fences are an external part of the interior and landscaping topics that are essential for keeping a private house safe from nosy neighbors. Furthemore, the fence investment will last for a long time and many years, so there is no harm in using one. More references may be requires to better maintain boundaries with attractive fence models and options for the home page.

Traditional wooden fence


This traditional vertical fence model will blend in with its surroundings. Mark it with greenery that is suitable for both urban and rural settings. This fence model can maximize the privacy of the house for the yard space while also blocking the sun's rays.

Half-fence design


This way originally a trellis rather than a wooden fence. You can install poles with a new fence by utilizing existing hole and already drilled in the wall. This project only requires fence posts that are 3 x 1 coarse sawn and a little thicker. A coarse saw is used to cut 19 mm x 38 mm wooden slats and battens.

Vertical plants and wooden fences


For backyard fence models like this, you can also use wooden slats. Without your finishing, the look may be raw. With additional vertical plants around the fence, this privacy will provide tight guarding. You can also use the vertical garden as a greening area.

A relaxing are with a privacy fence


Having a private backyard can be the most exciting place for a celebration. This lovely wooden fence is also paired with special plantings for planters. A wood furniture set with comfortable sofa pads will be ideal.

Complete garden pergola with wooden fence


Try new variations with bamboo or rattan instead of traditional paneled models. This will give you a bohemian accents vibe and will go well wit a tropical look. A tough design accent furnished pergola will most likely create an expensive and elegant planting backyard.

Models of planting for wooden fences


The home's attractively designed back porch provides the ideal planting accent for garden enthusiasts. This type of element of thick wooden slats will make the privacy area more comfortable from nosy neighbors. You can even use this space for parties, celebrations, or family gatherings

Metal frame and wooden pallet


This privacy fence not only looks great, but it also provides a lot of privacy in the backyard. In an inviting bohemian style, wooden panels are neatly arranged with metal frames and other designs.


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