7 Ideas Cozy Sitting Corner in the Garden

Homifine.com -- Complete the garden design at home with a cozy sitting corner.  It will be best place for you to unwind. Imagine yourself relaxing, comfortable, and shaded after a long day of work. You can also make it look as beautiful as possible, making it the most favorite place in the house. Here are 7 ideas cozy sitting corner in the garden

Lovely pink sitting corner ideas


Find the most comfortable spot in your garden! It may be small, but if it is shady and has a good view, it deserves to be your cozy sitting corner. Bring your folding portable sun lounger to that spot. It's even more alluring if the chair has a pink color that match the flowers around the corner's garden.

Build a corner pergola

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An empty garden corner may look awkward. Make it into a cozy sitting corner in the garden. Make it shady by bringing in simple pergola with a roof over it. Install a comfortable L-shaped wooden bench with soft cushions to sit on. Bring some plants and decorations to enhance the pergola in this garden corner.

Small shady pavilion ideas

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You can try this idea of making a tiny pavilion. It just adds a roof to the garden bench. You can bring pretty pink cushions and a soft rug underneath to enjoy summer or spring here. Install a clock on the wall so you don't forget the time, as this cozy sitting area will make you want to stay longer.

Chill out corner with cozy egg chair

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Another simple and easy idea you can try at home. Set aside a spot in the garden for a relaxing place. To make it stand out, cover the ground with gravel. Bring an egg chair or another lounge chair to sit comfortably here. Enjoy your favorite tea while feeling the breeze and enjoying the fresh view in the garden.

Pretty corner with flowers

Harmony in the Garden

This cozy sitting corner idea will take your landscaping design to the next level. Plant flowering vines that grow lushly along the garden fence. You can bring outdoor chairs and a classic table to sit back and relax. Even without much ornaments, this corner is so inviting and beautiful.

Fresh corner under the trees

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You're lucky if you have one shady tree in your garden. If the branches are strong and safe, turn the area under the tree into a comfortable sitting corner in the garden. Bring a cushioned lounge chair and some fresh orange to enjoy the fresh weather. It's also a boon if you have an apple tree with lots of fruit.

Rustic cozy sitting corner ideas

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A relaxing corner in the garden can have a distinct style. You can give it a rustic, rough look. Adding a gravel bed to the ground. Place a bench in the center of the garden corner, and surround it with potted plants that will  give this corner of the garden a beautiful look.

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