7 Lovely Living Room Decor Ideas with Plants

Homifine.com -- Some areas that you can decorate with plants, one of which is the living room. The existence of a living room that functions to facilitate guests who come, of course, needs to be considered for comfort, one of which is by placing plants in the room which can improve air quality and humidity. For arrangements that you can imitate to make it look more attractive, check out 7 Lovely Living Room Decor Ideas with Plants.

Wall paint combination


Having too many plants sometimes makes the area feel full. To fix this, you can use just a few plants around the sofa, then combine them with plant paintings on the walls for a look that looks like a small forest inside the house.

Plant shelf on the wall


The hashtag plant shelfie is a popular social media trend that you can use to decorate your living room to make it look more modern and fresh. Fill the empty walls around the couch with plants and fill them with some refreshing little plants. You can increase the popularity of your living room by sharing photos on social media.

Mini vertical garden


Arranging plants on shelves will make your living room more functional and visually appealing. You don't need a large shelf; simply adjust it to fit the available space. Then, even if you have a variety of plants, choose a pot that is the same color.

Hanging plants as divider


If you have an open-concept living room, the lack of a partition makes it difficult to move around freely. Use a hanging plant rack like this as a divider between rooms to keep things feeling open and allow you to move around more freely. Plants that grow densely can cover the area around them.

Don't let plants interfere with your access


Are you a fan of plants? Of course, decorating each room with plants will be your favorite look, including the living room. However, don't let the plant arrangement interfere with the main function of the living room. Arrange it neatly so that no access is obstructed by the presence of numerous plants.

Trailing plants


You can use trailing plants like this to fill the empty living room wall space. The protruding growths can take the place of the macrame that is usually used to decorate the walls. Choose plants that do not easily fall off so that the living room area remains clean and beautiful.

Plants as background


An empty space behind the sofa may make the room appear monotonous and uninteresting. You can use a plant-filled shelf as a living room background to create an Instagramable space. Choose some plants with the most appealing appearance.





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