7 Of the Best Indoor Trees, and How to Care for Them

7 Of the Best Indoor Trees, and How to Care for Them

Homifine.com -- Changing the decor of rooms that merge with nature in growing trees creates a more tropical forest atmosphere. You, too, can choose an elevated type of tree for decorative purposes and to provide the best view for your home. But you also need to know what care is required, because the plants brought into the house from the yard require, of course, proper adjustment and care. Know which trees you can select from this list.




Another tree option for room decoration was the mandarin, which came in a dwarf variety that wal ideal for the space. Grows with as much lights as possible and must be cut at the appropriate time.

Norfolk pine island


Trees that are frequently decorated for Christmas and are appealing to plants in space are very simple to treat. This pine trees thrive in direct, tolerant sunlight. Also drought tolerant, growing well if the land is left dry between sprinklers.

Fiddle fig


The fiddle fig is the tree list that goes into the room. Plants with large, dark green leaves, also known as the violin, grow quickly. It requires direct sunlight but not as much as dry land. To ensure a perfect tree, schedule proper sprinklers.



Pachira aquatica was the best tree plant that was thought to be a money tree and brought a lot of profit. Plants with shiny, hand-shaped leaves are thought to bring good fortune. It prefers bright, moist light and is best placed in the bathroom.



The corn or dracaena plant has long, slender leaves that resemble corn leaves, Except for direct sunlight, the dracaena can tolerate any level of light. Even if you leave it for a few minutes, it grows well indoors.

Rubber tree


The rubber tree, which has longer leaves and is larger than the weeping fig tree, requires indirect light to grow. When active, the rubber tree prefers moist soil to dry soil.
This is a simple plant that even stralings can grow.

Lady palm


The lady palm is a palm tree with a green, fan palm that can grow to be six feet wide. It is multi-plated and will continue to grow. It is also known as bamboo palm by some. Lady palm received interior lighting, and proper watering can keep her fertile.

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