8 Tiny Yard Garden Design You can Try Right Away

Homifine.com -- Even if you only have a small space, consider having a garden. A garden, no matter how small, will provide a refreshing atmosphere for your body and soul. It can be a hobby corner for your gardening hobby or a fresh corner that accompanies you while exercising outdoor.

Here are 8 Tiny Yard Garden Design You can Try Right Away.

Beautiful corner with caladium collection


See how even this small corner can become a beautiful caladium garden. Moist corners protected from direct sun favor tropical plants like caladiums. That would be a pretty little garden for you caladium lovers.

Small yard with vertical garden


Make a small yard a cool place to relax. You can bring soft seating there. Green up the yard with vertical gardens and potted plants that you place around the seating. This is such an inspiring little nook to do in anyone's home.

Tiny yard garden with lawn and tree


The small yard will become an instant garden with the lawn on it. Enhance it by having low plants and trees that will give a strong natural vibe to the tiny yard garden in front of your house.

Small yard to relax


Living in a small house make it hard to get a large yard. You can make a small yard a multipurpose garden. Arrange to have a permanent bench to sit and relax. The ground is covered with gravel and stepping stones with a green rug on top. The natural, fresh atmosphere will remain thanks to the houseplants around the yard.

Dry garden in small yard


This yard takes the concept of a dry garden. With a size of 1.6 x 2.2 m, the ground is covered with gravel and a small floor of decking tiles. Place a movable chair and table in blue to give it a bright and lovely look.

Tiny yard with hanging plants and bromeliads


A tiny backyard garden may be adjacent to the house' terrace. Plants can be added to the yard. Allowing vibes like Vernonia elliptica plants to grow overhangs as natural screens on the terraces would be fantastic.The small yard is also more lively and colorful with bromeliad plants in it.

Another dry garden design


This kind of dry garden design tends to be easy for you to try. You just need to cover the soil with gravel or pebbles. Provide spots for plants that bring natural freshness here. This is very easy because you don't have to take care of the grass.

Small shady yard


Make your little yard as comfortable as possible. You may need to add shade to make it safe from rain and excessive sun. Apply the colors you want to use. Feel free to add plants that will be your best friend to get a beautiful tiny yard garden.

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