Amazing Succulents to Dress Up Your Home -- Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy parts that store water. They are special for their resistance to arid climates and soils. Many succulents are now grown as ornamental indoor plants, thanks to their uniqueness and beauty. Check out some beautiful succulents to add to your home plant collection. These are the amazing succulents to dress up your home.

Cotyledon pendens


The Cotyledon pendens or Cliff Cotyledon, is a hardy and attractive trailing succulent. The branches are naturally weighed down by the leaves that hang down. With flowers at the end, it offers a cascading beauty look. It was like an expensive chandelier. This plant survives in semi-arid climates with full sunlight condition.

October Daphne (Sedum sieboldii)


Don't miss the beautiful October Daphne. A trailing succulent with round, serrated leaves. It has clusters of pretty purplish pink flowers. This beautiful plant is drought-resistant; but during summer and spring, make sure the plant stays well hydrated.

Monkey tail cactus


Check out how amazing this succulent is. A succulent with fine hairs that dangles like a monkey's tail. The Hildewintera (monkey tail cactus) is even cuter with its pink flowers growing on its thick, elongated leaves. It looks like a monkey's tail wearing a flower band.

Euphorbia monadenium


Get an exotic medusa vibe in your garden! No, you don't need a snake; all you need is a planter topped with a sculptural head adorned with euphorbia monadenium. This succulent has thick, dangling stems with reddish leaves that look exotic. Euphorbia monadenium will look great as hair in a classic pattern like this.

Tillandsia cyanea, Pink quill

Tillandsia cyanea is more of a bromeliad. However, it deserves a place in your heart because it has stunning pinkish flowers that stand out like pink quill. The pink quills require bright, indirect lighting. Keep it away from direct afternoon light.

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