Beautiful Indoor Vines to Create Jungle Vibes at Home -- Want to have an indoor atmosphere that gives off a lively and fresh jungle vibe? Yes, you can style your interiors with plants. Consider having indoor vines instead of just potted plants. Indoor vines that dangle in your room will provide a pleasant, fresh atmosphere. Check out these ideas to give you some inspirations: beautiful indoor vines to create jungle vibes at home.

Grow indoor vines along room boundaries


Grow plants according to their instincts. Plants such as English ivy, devil's ivy, and hoya grow vines under large trees in their natural habitat. When you grow indoors, train your indoor vines to grow along the space boundary on the upper wall like this. Hook the stem carefully to make the leaves grow beautifully as a room decorations.

Let it grow lush and dangle


Indoor vines such as pothos and heartleaf philodendron are low-maintenance plants. They are simple to thrive on. You can grow them as hanging plants. Hang them on a rod of dry wood where you can dangle their long, cascading leaves. Growing dense indoor vines will give you that jungle vibe you've been dreaming of.

Growing vine upright on a moss cover pole


You can hang indoor vines or grow it climbing on a moss-covered poles. Moss-covered poles allow the vines to grow upright and beautifully display their exotic leaves. The higher the moss cover pole that's driven into the ground, the bigger your indoor vines will be. You can even grow it up to the height of the wall.

Simple way, just hang it up


The pothos plant easily thrives with lots of foliage on its green stems. It is the perfect plant for you to hang and fill the empty vertical space. Hook the stems on the wall like this to broaden the growth direction. Pothos is a plant that tolerates low light, like in the bedroom.

Indoor vines on the stairs


Steal this staircase decoration idea by using indoor vines. The vines are allowed to thrive on a staircase wall that gets bright, indirect sunlight. Calathea plants wall also placed underneath to liven up the staircae. This setting adds a lively jungle vibe to the house's stairs.

Make a unique canopy bed


Take indoor vines as living decor above the ordinary. Make it a unique canopy bed like this one. Sleeping with dangling leaves above will make you feel the sensation of sleeping in nature accompanied by shady nature. The plants can also provide you with oxygen at night. It's so aesthetic, but it takes a lot of work to make.

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