Common Houseplants | Classic and Popular Options

Common Houseplants | Classic and Popular Options -- One of the reasons that beginners choose ornamental plants is that they are bored with the monotonous arrangement of space and appear stiff. As a result, many people, particularly beginners, prefer ornamental plants. 

For beginners, activities such as arranging plants and caring for plants necessitate a plant and direction. To make the process of arranging interior with plants easier, choose a plant that is simple and classic. Check out the popular house plants for your home or office below.

Hoya plant


Also known as wax plants. Hoya is a creeping perennial plant that grows well in hanging baskets. This plant with pink flowers has a string fragrance and can fill a room with it. This plant requires shade to grow and requires regular watering.

Money plant


A list of the best options for classic plants can include cool Chinese money plants for the beauty of the house. Round leaves with white flowers that can add a lovely touch of color to the interior of this home grow quickly. WIth the watering level to be maintained, maintenance is extremely simple.

Norfolk Pine Island


Norfolk pine island is a plant that is frequently used as an ornamental plant for holidays. This plant, which has a single upright tree and a ladder pattern, should be pruned as frequently as possible. Maintaining good drainage requires keeping the soil moist. Provide indirect bright lighting that can enhance their growth.



The purple color is prominent in the following plants. Unique leaves that grow at a rapid rate every day are ideal for hanging baskets. To survive and grow, the right and ideal light is required. You can keep it in a room for a partially lit window.

Corn plant


Maize is a slow-growing African plant that blooms as a tropical plant. The exotic leaves have a dark green color mixed with light green and can last up to 2 weeks without treatment. Use a soil mixture with good drainage and as a decorative plant in a more tropical corner of the room.

Spider plant


A spider plant with dangling leaves, such as this spider, grows well indoors and can even be ignored. Place in a low-light, filtered environment. Watering should be done only when the soil is completely dry. Make sure to use a pot with good drainage; it should also be aerated.



These grow indoors or outdoors and have large green leaves in the shape of arrows or syngoniums. In any climate, a little care can keep it growing. The plant thrives in bright, filtered sunlight. If placed indoors, this plant can also benefits from dim lighting.

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