Fabulous Pictures of Water Plant Propagation

Homifine.com -- With more and more plant lovers, the prices are rising and causing concern for many plant lovers. However, if you want to fill your space with lots of plants without having to buy them, you can do propagation. While there are many ways to propagate, using water is one of the most popular ways to grow roots faster. For some ideas of plants that can be propagated with water, check out Fabulous Pictures of Water Plant Propagation.



Although succulents are known to be self-sufficient and even bother with most watering, for propagation, you can use water only to grow the roots and can then be transplanted to sandy soil when the roots are strong. Use a bottle that submerges only the tip of the stem. Do not allow the leaves to soak in as this will cause them to rot.



Monstera is one of the plants that can grow roots quickly when using the water propagation method. The high price of monstera can now be overcome by propagating it yourself at home without having to buy a new monstera. You can save more money with this way.


Not only house plants that you can grow roots in water. You can plant this fruit with sharp leaves. First, you need to separate the leaf buds from the fruit. Then, take a jar filled with water and submerge it about a half to an inch to help expose the roots. After the roots are strong, you can move it to the pot or can plant it in the garden.



This philodendron pink princess is one of the varieties of plants that you can propagate using the water method. Cut a quarter inch below the nodes. Choose healthy cuttings with bright pink leaves. Use clean and sharp scissors to keep the plants from being damaged.



Besides being able to be planted in pots, pothos is also one of the plants that can be grown or propagated in water. When you want to propagate, cut off the healthy parts and soak them in clean water until roots appear, and when you decide to keep them in water, pay attention to the quality of the water and feed them occasionally to keep them growing with good nutrition.




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