Inspiring Ideas to Make an Outdoor Living Room in Any Style -- Living room is one of the areas that will be frequented by both known and unknown guests. Sometimes when entering unknown people into the house, it disturbs the comfort of the family and invades privacy. One idea that you can use to overcome this is to create an outdoor living room. With an outdoor living room, the privacy of your home will be better maintained. For some outdoor living room ideas that you can replicate, check out Inspiring Ideas to Make an Outdoor Living Room in Any Style.

Clever color selection


The porch is a common area to serve as an outdoor living space while still being part of the house. To give a spacious look, color selection is very important. You can use a selection of soft colors and don't have many patterns, so that no matter what size it will still look spacious and bright.

Add lattice wall


In order to give a shady impression and still feel relaxed, the addition of this lattice wall is one of the interesting things. The use of this lattice wall is also able to help create privacy so that guests remain comfortable. Keep the gaps that let in light and air well.

Add some lighting for warm look


This outdoor living area also has a roof deck that is used as an additional function. With this design, the living room still looks closed even though it is an exterior part of the house. However, in order not to make it too dark, additional lights with warm light are recommended to make guests feel comfortable and homey.

Simple wooden chair


This small area on the porch is a part that you can copy the style of. The use of furniture that is not excessive can provide a space that is still comfortable and does not seem cramped. The use of wooden chairs also makes the look natural and more characterful.

Add refreshing plants

A small, slightly enclosed area should not make your living room feel stuffy. To overcome this, you can give a touch of freshness such as plants. To make it less space-consuming, you can have hanging plants that can be arranged as you wish on the ceiling of the living room in this porch.

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