Six of the Easiest Houseplants that Anyone Can Grow -- Not all plants can be grown easily so sometimes only the experienced can have high maintenance plants. However, some of the following plants can be grown by anyone, even beginners. For the types that you can take care of, check out Six of the Easiest Houseplants that Anyone Can Grow.

Spider plant


This first type of plant is of course well known to many people not only for its beauty, but some of the benefits it offers and also its ease of maintenance. This air purifying plant is very easy to grow and spread. Light or slightly dark areas are not a problem for spider plants.

Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos is one of the most popular plants to be used as decoration as well as an air purifier in the room from pollutants. This vine can be grown in a pot or in a jar of water. Propagation is also easy, just cut off the healthy part with clean and sharp scissors, then soak the tip of the stem in water.

Snake plant


They grow independently so that even when neglected, they can still grow well. Snake plants can also be used as room decorations that appear clean and tidy. Excessive watering may cause many problems for this plant.

Philodendron Xanadu


While most people are familiar with philodendrons that grow by creeping, this one is a very interesting one to have. Philodendron xanadu has unique leaves and you can grow it in bright areas or in the shade.

Chamaedorea Elegans


This plant, better known as the parlor palm, is one of the plants that is very smart to survive. Outdoor or indoor is not an important thing for this plant because they can adjust very well.




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