Small Loft House Design Ideas (Interior) - A small house must have limited room on the inside. It will make most people feel uncomfortable inhabiting a tiny house. But, you can use the smart concept of house design to make tiny houses into comfortable residences. Here look for Small Loft House Design Ideas (Interior). Check it out!


The exterior look very simple design with a small terrace. Applying white for the exterior, and gray hues for the roof, door, and window frame. Then, install the lantern on the wall for good lighting at night. You also can grow plants surrounding this tiny house for a comfy and fresh atmosphere.

Entrance view

After entering the house, you will be shown a display of the interior that uses an open-plan concept. With the living room first of course, next exist the kitchen, and the back is the bathroom. Then, you will see the stair that goes to the top into the loft area. Where the bedroom is placed in this tiny house.

Living room

The white interior is also perfect for this tiny house. Besides can make a bigger look, it also provides a spacious accent. Make the floor of a tiny house use vinyl or wood material for a warm effect. And the living room area, you can put the important items, like a measured sofa, mini table side, and rug to make warm the dweller and guest.


Located in the loft area, the bedroom doesn't need a bed frame, just a mattress. You can add a rug under the mattress for warmth and avoid the cold. Create a window in this bedroom area to make good air filtration and also let the sun enter this bedroom.


Has a small area, and the kitchen can design wisely to make comfort area. With a small kitchen set, you can make the under of the kitchen table used for cabinet storage. Then, create windows around the kitchen to help you have good air and avoid to not make bad smells.


Last is the bathroom. Located in the back area, the bathroom is also small size. But, the design and decoration make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Separate by the dry and wet areas, you can make the barrier by installing sliding transparent doors. And make the bathroom use white and dark hues for a stunning accent.

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