These Houseplants Effectively Absorb Most CO2 -- The air quality inside our homes affects our health. It is not uncommon for some household machines to emit air pollutants that are harmful to inhale, such as carbon dioxide (CO2). That may be very risky when your house is too close to the road, as vehicle fumes can enter the house. However, there are some plants that can effectively absorb CO2 and make you breath clean air.

Anthurium adreanum


Anthuriums is on NASA's list of air-purifying plants. This plant absorb ammonia, xylene, toluene, and formaldehide well. This plant can also absorb 21.20% of the carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen with its green leaves. You can place it around the workplace, such as the printer or copies areas.

Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia)


Dumb cane is a stunning houseplant with green leaves and a beautiful silvery center. Although toxic to pets, this plant offers great benefits. Its leaves help clean the air of xylene and carbon dioxide. A Malaysian study titled ''Indoor plants as agents of gas pollution deterioration" proved that dumb cane reduces 23.9% of CO2 in enclosed spaces.

ZZ plant


The ZZ plant is an adaptable houseplant. It can survive with little light or in bright light. You can put it in your bedroom, as ZZ plant absorbs carbon dioxide at night, improving your sleep quality. NASA also recommends this plant to absorb carbon dioxide in the room.

Rubber plant


Rubber plant has broad, stiff leaves in an intense green color that can make a strong statement at home. This plant absorb many toxins from the indoor air. It work as a natural air purifier to reduce and eliminate carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, VOCS, and formaldehyde in the surrounding environment.

Bird's Nest Fern


Bird's nest fern is a houseplant that has a strong ability to purify the air. It reduces CO2 levels from 2000 ppm to 800 ppm for each pot, a powerful ability compared to other houseplants. Bird's Nest Fern also help increase indoor humidity.

Prayer plant


Maranta leuconeura, a plant prized for its exotic leaves and nytinastic leaf movement (prayer hand gestures). It is said that prayer plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels in enclosed spaces. Place it in bright, indirect light for optimal growth.

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