7 Cute Succulent Planter Ideas for Eye-Catching Displays

Homifine.com -- Succulents are loved as houseplants for a thousand reasons. It s an easy plant to care for, requiring no special attention to keep it happy. Succulents also come in a a variety of shapes and colors. Having it will make a small room or table more stunning. Perfect your succulent arrangement by having cute planters that will hive it a charming display in any indoor setting.

Check out the 7 Cute Succulent Planter Ideas for Eye-Catching Displays for more inspirations.

1. Handmade log wood planter


Get a planter with natural vibe for your little succulents. You can consider this handmade log wood planter idea from Himalayan Creative. This log wood planter has a place to display and grow the succulent arrangement properly. Succulents in a log-wood planter will give it a fresh, elegant touch.

2. Beautiful planter with a friendly feel


If succulents are your natural friends, give them the best place. Get a beautiful planter that exudes friendliness. This planter is an example. It's so cute with the three planters arranged in such a way, giving a hold the friend close look. The succulents will act as the planter's hairs and will be the things that holds them together.

3. Tiger aloe in puffer fish planter


Tiger aloe is a hardy succulent. However, putting it in a planter shaped like a puffer fish won't reduce its hardiness. It actually gives an adorable aesthetic. This green planter in sea creature has a tiger aloe with its thick, upright leaves that grow well like pineapple leaves.

4. Good ol' Owl planter


It's fun to arrange various succulents in one planter. You can choose from a wide range of succulent shapes and colors that looks great when combined. Remember to pick a planter that will give extraordinary look. This good ol' owl planter is great for tiny echevaria and string succulent for your table decor.

5. Ship-shape wooden planter


This succulent planter will give you a beautiful, fresh, and unbreakable look. With a variety of well-arranged succulent, this wooden ship-shaped planter comes to life. A bright-flowered succulent like the kalanchoe makes a refreshing contrast.

6. Wine corks planter


Get creative with the objects around you! You can make a unique succulent planter like this one out of wine corks. Some wine corks are firmly attached to a mat to hold succulent growing soil. This planter works well with shorter succulents. It will look great as a fresh and cute table decoration in your home.

7. & succulent planter


This succulent planter idea could be your next DIY project. The & planter lets you grow and display your rosette succulents vertically. You only need to make sure the succulents are firmly planter in the potting soil, thereby minimizing the risk of your succulents falling to the ground.

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