7 Exotic and Beautiful Succulent Houseplants

Homifine.com -- Succulents. This plant is truly special. It is a plant with thick parts, mostly forming rosettes that look great on a windowsill. Succulents also provide a simple beauty that is simple to care for, which can be a bit of drama queen for other large plants. Take a look at these 7 exotic and beautiful succulent houseplants. Make one or more of these succulents the star of your houseplants.

1. Graptopetalum bellum

Graptopetalum bellum, some know it as the Chihuahua flower. A succulent plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family. This plant has large, thick rosettes that look like lotus. It will produce lovely pink flowers growing from a woody stalk. The flowers will bloom during the late spring or summer.

Growing tips

This exotic succulent grows well in full sun. Be sure not to overwater the plant, as it will make it die quickly. You can propagate the plant from the leaves, seeds, cuttings, and offsets.

2. ''Pink'' Hens and Chicks


Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum tectorum) is a low-growing succulent with pointed leaf tips that have purple tips on it. It is great rock garden plant, as it is hardy and drought-resistance. This plant is named after hens and chicks because of its rosettes and the plant's habit of producing lots of babies.

Growing tips

  • Light: The succulent loves full sun to partial shade.
  • Soil: This succulent grow well in poor, sandy soil.
  • Water: No need frequently watering schedule.

3. Crowns of Thorns


The Crowns of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) is a tough succulent with a thorny woody stem. This plant produces lovely flowers, giving it an intense blend of beauty and danger. Nonetheless, this succulent is extremely forging. Euphorbia milii thrives in dry, sunny conditions. Watering it once a week still make this succulent to bloom.

Growing tips

  • Light: full bright, sunny location
  • Soil type: well-drained potting mix with neutral to acidic pH condition
  • Water: once a week

4. Panda plant

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Panda plant has other name, that's is Chocolate soldier. This is a succulent with the ID name Kalanchoe tomentosa. It has silvery leaves with fine hairs around the rosettes, making it look like the fur of a panda bear. This plant requires no special care. You can either plant it outside in full sun or bring it inside and place it in medium light.

5. Christmas cactus


With proper care, the Christmas cactus can live for 100 year, from generation to generation. This succulent has beautiful pink flowers in early winter to midwinter. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight during the day, and complete darkness at night to promote flower growth. This trick will make the succulent bloom especially for the holiday season.

6. Kalanchoe uniflora


This is a trailing succulent that will charm anyone who sees it. The thick leaves on its long cord with pink lantern flower tips will make it the most beautiful hanging succulent in your home. The dangling flowers and leves will make an eye-catching display. It can be placed in areas with full sunlight and partial shade.

7. Jade plant

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Jade plant is a popular succulent. It is a succulent that's believed to bring good luck to its caretakers. The green color will bring a touch of natural freshness into your home. Jade plant is easy to maintain, keep away from overwatering and only water when the top soil is dry.

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