7 Low-Maintenance Plants for Bedroom to Create Relaxing Feel

7 Low-Maintenance Plants for Bedroom to Create Relaxing Feel

Homifine.com -- The bedroom becomes a personal space, so it must be beautiful and clean. You don't need to use expensive decorations to make your bedroom look more creative. However, with ornamental plants, the space can be transformed into a more relaxed and refreshing environment. Some ornamental plants have a fragrant aroma that can help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. 

Fiddle fig


This tropical tree with violin leaves will add a new dimension to the room. It can grow up to 12 feet tall in containers and more if outdoors. This is the only plant that requires the least amount of care and does not require excessive watering.

Scented Geranium


Plants with a fragrant aroma, such as this scented geranium, can be used in the bedroom. Plants with fresh leaves can help to improve the look of your bedroom. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and prefers bright light.



The plant with these lovely, long and slender leaf details is dracaena. The color variest, such as pink, lemon lime, beige and yellow. Because they are so similar, other varietal plants are also referred to as corn plants. It thrives in indirect bright light and prefers a dry soil surface when watered.

Moth Orchid


Moth orchids are flower plants that can create a vibrant look in the bedroom. This plant has a fairly diverse flower color palette, makin it an excellent choice and collection for gardeners. These orchids require high humidity as well as adequate lighting. As a result, it is appropriate for the windowsill. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and requires regular maintenance.



Pothos is one of the simplest plants to grow and required little attention. The thick leaves can store water and grow vines, making it suitable for hanging plants. This pothos prefers low light room lighting and slightly dry soil between waterings.

Parlor palm


The parlor palm is the ideal plant for the bedroom. Because it loves indirect light and can grow at average humidity. These plants requires moist but not soggy soil and regular watering. Place it in a well-lit area and keep it dry while the soil remains wet.

Cast iron plant


You can select a plant that almost thrives on neglect, such as the bone iron plant. Plants with long, green, and beautiful leaves that can be used to decorate rooms, including bedrooms. The plant grows well in spring and summer and tolerates low lighting.

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