7 Plants that Look Like Snake Plants

7 Plants that Look Like Snake Plants

Homifine.com -- Many people prefer snake plants to other types of plants. This type of plant is ideal for beginners because it is simple to care for and grow. We will not discuss snake plants in this review, but rather plants that are similar to snake plants. You can select the types as a companion and extra collection.

Spineless Yucca


This sword-shaped, slightly blue green leaf is a boneless yucca leaf. Plants have resemble snake plants may have limper, slightly dangling leaves on the tops of the leaves. This plant is ideal for use a

Silver Squill


The plant, also known as Africa silver water hyacinth, grows bulbous with triangular lanceolate to silver leaves. The pattern of spots on the leaves with green to brown colors looks interesting. The pattern of spots on the leave with green to purple colors looks interesting.

Pickle plant


The following plants, which grow tall like sansevieria trifasciata, have the botanical name senecio stapeliiformis. Plants with pale green leaves appear contrasting and have slight silvery accent. Very lovely for decorating a room that will bloom with stunning red flowers.



It's also known as cow tongue or gasteria. This snake plant-like plant is mall and compact. Slender leaves with silver-colored leaf spots. The plant is suitable for dy rooms and is extremely hardy.



It is a tall evergreen shrub plant with light green leaves that has the same leaf shape as the snake plant. The leaf is sword-shaped, with a creamy yellow stripe down the center. The spine's tip is quite sharp, prefers bright light, and is ideal for home landscaping.



The plant has burgundy to dark green leaves and the botanical name cryptanthus zonatus. Beautiful rosettes appear on the snake plant-like leaves, which are patterned with irregular white cross bands.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink


The plant, also known as the 'urn plant,' has coarsely curved leaves, silver and gradually green patches that resemble snake plants, and bracts with simple red flowers and very attractive blue flowers.

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