7 Types of Popular Kalanchoe Succulent For Your Home


Homifine.com - Succulent kalanchoe is a popular choice among indoor and outdoor gardeners. This plant is known for its unique appearance, easy care and has beautiful flowers and can bloom for a long time. Kalanchoe plants have various shapes and sizes such as green, red, pink, orange, and yellow. There are several popular types of kalanchoe that you can choose to decorate your home. In this kalanchoe illustrated guide we will cover 7 Types of Popular Kalanchoe Succulent For Your Home

1. Kalanchoe Crenata 

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Kalanchoe crenata is a small succulent plant known for its serrated leaves. This plant is also known for having the benefit of purifying the air and can be grown indoors or outdoors as an ornamental plant. Kalanchoe crenata is characterized by its green leaves with serrated edges and also has beautiful flowers with a pink tint.

2. Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies

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Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies is a species of kalanchoe known for its special leaves and small flowers. The leaves have a fleshy and thick shape with a green color with pink or red edges so that they can give a unique impression. The leaves have a milky pattern and are shaped like butterfly wings so that they are given the name pink butterfly. The plant also has small yellow or orange flowers and will appear on tall stems.

3. Kalanchoe Sexangularis 


Kalanchoe sexangularis is a succulent species known for its small leaves and flowers. The plant is characterized by its thick, fleshy leaves of a pale green color. In addition, this plant also has flowers with beautiful colors usually have a small yellow or orange color and appear in groups on high stems.

4. Kalanchoe Tubiflora


Kalanchoe tubiflora is a kind of succulent plant famous for its characteristic leaves and small tubular flowers. This plant has flowers with clusters of small tubular flowers that can be pink, red, orange, or yellow and can last about a few weeks. The plant has a unique and attractive appearance.

5. Kalanchoe Marmorata 


Kalanchoe marmorata is a succulent species famous for its small leaves and flowers. The characteristic of kalanchoe marmorata is that it has leaves that share and are thick and pale green with a unique motif that can give it a different and interesting look. Kalanchoe marmorata you can use as an ornamental plant that is placed indoors or outdoors because it has easy maintenance.

6. Kalanchoe Luciae


Kalanchoe Luciae is a species of succulent known for its unique leaf shape and texture. Kalanchoe Luciae is characterized by its thick, fleshy leaves, reddish-green in color and arranged in a pretty pattern. The plant is quite easy to care for. You can also put this plant indoors or outdoors.

7. Kalanchoe Crenatiloba 


Kalanchoe crenatiloba is a small-sized succulent plant that is famous for its special World of wavy edges. It is also known for its residential and commercial properties can purify the air and can be in plants indoors or outdoors. Kalanchoe crenatiloba has a shape that is almost the same as crenata but the difference in The Shape of the leaves and flowers.

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