Beauty of Succulents - 7 Types of Succulent for Powerful Decoration -- Succulents have become one of the most attractive plants because of the various beauties that each type has. Having a succulent will be very enjoyable because it has low maintenance so that you as the owner can better manage your time for other activities. Not necessarily in outdoor areas such as deserts, some of the following succulents are also interesting to be used as house plants. Check out Beauty of Succulents - 7 Types of Succulent for Powerful Decoration.

Crassula capitella (Red Pagoda)

This first type of succulent is attractive because of its bright color. Belonging to the Crassula Capitella family, this plant is also often referred to as the red pagoda. Its stacked leaves look beautiful with a light color on the inside.

Crassula rupestris 'High Voltage'

This is also one of the Crassula types that is unique in its leaves and colors. The four pointed leaves on each stem have a unique color. The fresh green leaves have reddish edges that look beautiful and attract the attention of anyone who sees them.

Echeveria 'Trumpet Pinky'

If echeveria is known for its thick leaves that resemble rose petals, then this one will blow your mind. The shape of the leaves resembles a trumpet with beautiful color gradations that show anyone about its beauty. You can place it indoors in bright light and don't water it too often.

Echeveria derenbergii

Besides having beautiful leaves with interesting colors, echeveria is one of the most impressive succulents to have because of the beauty of its flowers. The flowers of this succulent grow upright with a pink color and some yellowish-orange buds.

Rhodiola rosea

If you like fast-growing and lush plants, this succulent is an interesting option for you to have. The green leaves with bright yellow flowers will stretch out from the planter if planted with the right care. Just like any other succulent, don't water it too much and place it in a bright area to help the flowers bloom quickly.

Sedum dasyphyllum

This succulent is also known as Corsican Stonecrop which has a shape like a small rock and is widely planted independently in the garden. To have it more beautifully, plant it in a planter that can also be combined with other succulent varieties. Use a planter that has good drainage holes and add pumice stones to keep the soil dry.

Sedum morganianum

This is one type of succulent that is popularly known as donkey's tail. Many people have it as a hanging plant on the windowsill. They can grow quickly and elongate. Prune them when they get too long and annoying.




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