Exciting and Unique Flowers To Plant In Your Garden


Homifine.com -  Maybe you are bored with the same type of flower every year. Then you need to look for beautiful and unique flower references that you can plant in the garden. This flower has a beautiful and colorful appearance that you can apply in your garden home. If you are confused in determining the beautiful flowers for your garden then we will discuss about Exciting and Unique Flowers To Plant In Your Garden below !!

Bee Balm 


This Bee balm displays a unique impression with red flowers. When on plants in groups bee balm brings beautiful pollinators like hummingbirds in your space. The plant has flowers of a magnificent red color. For the care of this plant requires soil with good moisture and also requires water with a moderate to wet existence.

Eastern Pasqueflower


These floppy flowers have a beautiful color. On the stem there are fine hairs that envelop the entire stem. When illuminated by sunlight this flower has a shining appearance and looks beautiful. This plant has purple and yellow flowers in the center. This plant is a drug that can relieve headaches and if applied in the garden you can display a fresh impression.

Ballon Flower 

hirtotose flower

This plant is suitable for the edge of the garden so that it will make the look more beautiful. Plants that have purple flowers have petals like balloons before blooming. This plant can grow in soils with good drainage and moderate water requirements. The plant can also bloom in June to August.



This Hollyhock has beautiful flowers with a pink tint. The plant is quite easy to care for. With the need for soil with good drainage can tolerate different types of soil. As for the needs of the soil, you can water it 2 times a day. For maximum growth, you can put it outdoors to get maximum sunlight.



Coneflower has a beautiful flower with a variety of colorful colors. The plant has a fragile stem with small leaves of green color. You can place this plant on the edge of the garden or as a garden plant to make the look more beautiful and colorful. This plant has many benefits such as being able to clean the air and also absorb toxins. Coneflowers can grow with water needs from dry to moderate so you can water them about twice a day.

Flame Lily


Flame lily is a plant that has a characteristic in its beautiful flowers with orange red color. You can put this plant in a pot so that you can put it in the room to add to the decor of your room. This flame lily plant needs water with moderate intensity. You can lay by not exposed to direct sunlight.

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