How To Care For Caladiums - A Growing Guide - Caladium has the other name Caladium Bicolor or commonly called elephant ears. Caladium is a plant that has a variety of beautiful colors with lush leaves. This plant also has Leaves of considerable size even larger than palms. The combination of green, white, pink and red makes the look look beautiful and colorful. This plant has a fairly easy care so it can grow in hot and humid weather. How to take care of caladium ?? you can read How To Care For Caladiums - A Growing Guide below !!

How To Plant


How to plant from Caladium is to pay attention to the place of planting, the soil used, and the time of planting. For planting you can put on a pot with a small size to adjust to the size of the seedlings to be planted. Use moist soil with good drainage and added with compost or organic matter so that the soil can be fertile. Plant caladium in the rainy season because caladium likes heat and can thrive in wet and moderate soil temperatures.

Caladium Care

1. Fertilizing


Caladium does not need a lot of fertilizer but you need to use the leaves that have been burned as organic fertilizer to grow well. In addition you can also use liquid fertilizer. Use about once a week just do not be too excessive that will make the plant become dead because the soil temperature is too high.

2. Watering 


What you need to pay attention to is watering, you must maintain moisture from this caladium plant. Make sure that the soil of this caladium plant is evenly moist. If you allow the soil to dry out then the leaves from the caladium will quickly dry out and fall off. You can do watering about twice a day in the morning day and evening.

3. Propagation


You should also pay attention of the stem growth of this caladium. You can cut off the part of the caladium that has rotted or turned yellow. If you want to replant caladium then choose the eye or knob of this plant then let it stand until it meninges and is ready to be planted. You can do planting in the rainy season so that the plants can grow well.

4. Seasons


Basically caladium lives in wet habitats. For that, make sure these plants get enough water by watering them once a day in the dry season and every two days in the rainy season using plant sprinklers. Even though you like water, do not water every excessive portion so as not to rot quickly.

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