How to Plant Lily of the Valley Easily This Spring -- Lily of the Valley is a spring time signature that you should not miss. This plant has delicate white flowers that will bloom in the spring. The flowers smell fresh, light, watery, similar to jasmine but with a crisp green scent. This plant with dainy blossom will give off a fresh, springlike scent. Learn how to easily plant lily of the valley this spring.

Choose the most ideal spot


The first thing is to choose a spot that matches the lily of the valley. This plant with bell-shaped flowers thrives in hardiness zones 3-8. Grow the plant in a spot with partial shade in your garden. This lovely plant needs protection from harsh sunlight.

If you want to grow it indoors, choose the Convallaria majalis variety, which you can place in a spot with low to bright light. This variety loves fresh air, but keep it away from drafts.

Use the proper soil

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You can grow lily of the valley in a well-drained container. Make sure the soil is slightly moist, nutrient-rich, or even pick sandy to loamy one. The best time to plant it is in February to early April, when the flowers will bloom in Spring. You can cover the bottom of the container with gravel before adding the soil; it will help with drainage.

The right way to plant

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You may need lily of the valley crowns (root with shoots) to plant it in the garden. Soak the roots for 30 minutes  if the roots look dry. Gently separate each crown. Plant them one by one at distance of 7-8 cm per crown. Plant at a 10 cm depth..

Watering time

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Lily of the valley prefers moist but not waterlogged soil. This plant requires moderate to heavy watering. You may need to water it daily if you are growing it from its bulb or crown until the plant starts to grow. Water thoroughly to settle the water around the roots.

Maintain growth

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The lily of the valley is a plant that's both easy to grow and invasive. Planting them in pots or containers allows you to keep them compact and bounded to a specific area. Consider using barriers like pavers or plastic edges to keep them from spreading too much if you're planting them in open ground of your garden.



If you find yellowing foliage or individual flower stalks that have dried up, cut them off. Dead flowers and yellow foliage inhibit the growth of this plant.

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