Terraced Garden Ideas to Transform a Narrow Space Into a Shady Relaxation Corner

Homifine.com -- Don't worry if you run out of space for a nice, relaxing place. You can make it on a small area, like the side of a house or a balcony. Creative designs and ideas will allow you to sit quietly and enjoy the outside air. Here are some terraced garden ideas to turn a small space into a shaded relaxation area.

Cozy terraced narrow side garden

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The narrow side garden can be turned into a shady relaxation corner. Make it have a terraced effect with stepping stones and lawns that are lower than the paving. Bring a long bench and table for you to unwind. Bougainvillea or other flowers there will give a lovely look.

Nice upstairs garden

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Your little balcony can look like a garden that's this much fun. Don't hesitate to invest in a permanent bench with a padded seat on it. You can also cover the floor with grass rugs for a garden-like atmosphere. Fill the container with low-maintenance plants that will grow well in your balcony area.

Get a tree

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A shady relaxation corner won't be so shady without the trees. Get a tree that will act as a shady in your narrow corner. Make sure to pick a tree with lush foliage. You can also fill the space with lot of plants to get a shadier and fresher atmosphere.

Expensive garden feel


Your small balcony can have such expensive and classy garden vibe. That might require some investment, but it's worth considering if it's this good. The balcony has chic relaxation zones, surrounded by plants in containers from tropical to desert plants that provide a refreshing and calming Zen atmosphere.

Own an affordable bamboo screen

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Your outdoor balcony might be hard to have a lush tree. But there are many ways to make it shady. You can have a big umbrella to reduce the heat. Another idea is to have a bamboo screen like this one. It adds privacy and a sense of shade to the terraced garden. Bamboo screens also give a unique rustic touch.

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