Very Simple : 7 Steps to Plant and Care Beautiful Geraniums Flower - The appearance of the interior or exterior of the House will be more beautiful with the presence of beautiful flowers. One of the most beautiful flowers in Indonesia is geranium. This flower has a variety of colors such as white, pink, and purple. The rounded shape of the leaves is also characteristic of this flower. For those of you who want geranium flowers to be planted in your home then you can follow these steps Very Simple : 7 Steps to Plant and Care Beautiful Geraniums Flower

1. Prepare Geranium Flower Seeds

shiplap and shells

Before planting you need to prepare seeds or shoots for planting. If you don't have buds then you can use flower seeds. You can get geranium seeds from a plant store. Make sure you get good shoots or seeds so that they will grow optimally and produce beautiful flowers.

2. Prepare Geranium Plant Media

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Actually geranium flowers can be directly planted in the ground. But it would be nice to plant geraniums in pots. So the treatment will be easier. You can use pots made of plastic or tile with good drainage. Use a pot with a diameter of about 25-35 cm which is enough to plant these geraniums.

3. Prepare a Mixture of Soil and Fertilizer


To grow geraniums, you can mix soil, sand and compost in a ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. Mix all three ingredients evenly. Before putting the mixture in the pot, fill the pot with bricks or broken tiles. After that, put a mixture of soil, sand, and fertilizer into the pot. Then water the soil with enough water.

4. Plant Geraniums Flower

After the planting medium is ready the next step you can plant geraniums. The best time to plant geraniums is in the morning and evening. Plant 3-5 geraniums in one pot. Avoid planting too many seeds in one pot. Then, use a little water. Usually within 4-5 days the seeds will germinate.

5. Care for Geraniums Flower 

Geranium is such a drought-resistant plant that it is not difficult to care for it. You don't need to water it too often, just occasionally when the soil looks dry. You can also apply liquid fertilizer so that the geranium receives nutrients. When applying liquid fertilizer, do not get on the leaves, this will make the plant burn and die.

6. Flowering geraniums


Geraniums will usually flower about 3-4 months after planting. If you can take good care of it then the life of this flower will be long and will bloom for a long time. The flowers of this geranium are very beautiful with a variety of striking colors so you can put indoors or outdoors. You can also put in hanging pots that will add a charming impression.

7. Remove Dead Parts

After flowering you should regularly pay attention to the part of the flower that has died. Cut off dead flowers, leaves and twigs. If left in the section will grow mushrooms. So it will interfere with the growth of geraniums.

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