Best Beautiful Flowers for Vases -- Flowers are one of the views that will attract anyone's attention because of their beauty. Besides being planted in the garden, it will be very beautiful when you have flowers as room decorations by placing them in a vase. You can grow them or get them by picking from the garden then you place them in a vase that you can renew when they wither. For some really beautiful flowers in vases at the table, check out Best Beautiful Flowers for Vases.



Hyacinth is one of the beautiful flowering plants with various colors. They have thick, slightly juicy leaves and stems. You don't have to just prune the flowers from the garden, you can also plant them in a vase filled with water. Soak a little from the bottom of the tuber to keep the roots growing well.



Tulips are very popular plants because of their beauty. They are widely used as flowers in bouquet arrangements and also picked to be placed in vases that will beautify the room. Since they are both bulbous, you can also grow tulips in water-filled vases like you would hyacinths.

Gerbera daisy


Many florists say that gerbera daisy is one of the best-selling and much-loved flowers. The beauty of its flowers with sharp and varied colors seems to symbolize happiness that never fades. Finding gerbera daisy is also very easy so you don't need to plant it yourself. If you want to know how to care for gerbera daisy, click here.



The elegant look of orchids makes many people able to grow them anywhere well. Apart from being a flower that is suitable for gifting, orchids are also one of the easiest plants to grow in a vase. Fill it with pebbles and moss that make the orchid grow well.



When you have roses at home, you don't just get to enjoy their beauty because they can also be used as a room fragrance that has a romantic scent. Combining several colors of roses like the picture will also be an interesting idea to replicate.






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