Everything About Growing Gerbera Daisy Indoors & Outdoors

Homifine.com -- Gerbera daisy is a beautiful plant with flowers that have a variety of colors. Not only can it be planted in an outdoor area, you can also make it a stunning houseplant. However, regarding maintenance, you also need to pay close attention when placing it in an indoor or outdoor area. Check Everything About Growing Gerbera Daisy Indoors & Outdoors.



The importance of lighting for plants cannot be overstated. Indoors, place this plant in a bright spot, such as a window facing south or west. Gerberas can benefit from proper lighting to bloom perfectly.

Gerberas prefer early morning sunlight and avoid direct afternoon sunlight when growing outside. In this case, pay close attention to the planting location to get the best lighting. 

Soil and pots

FTD flowers

In addition to lighting, when planting gerberas in outdoor areas, you can select fertile and potentially plant-friendly areas. When planting it in a pot, both outdoor and indoor, make sure the pot has good drainage so that water does not overflow and cause root rot. 

The potting medium must also be sandy, light, and contamination-free. To improve plant drainage, add more organic matter.




Watering gerbera daisies in an outdoor area may require more effort than in an indoor area. Outdoors, this plant prefers moist growing media. 

However, if you make it a house plant, don't overwater it because it will rot. When a few inches of soil has dried, water it. Watering the leaves will cause the plant to mold.



To fertilize the soil or potted gerbera daisy, add a layer of mulch and compost. Furthermore, you can use a special fertilizer in the spring until mid-autumn to make it bloom faster. 

If you live in the tropics, you can start fertilizing around the clock once every 3-4 weeks, half the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

Another clue


The important thing to remember when growing gerbera daisies outside is that they do not tolerate frost, so you can move them to a warmer location during the winter. If you live in a frost-free climate, the Gerbera daisy is also a perennial that blooms frequently.




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