What's Wrong with My Snake Plants?

Homifine.com -- Snake plant is a plant that is much preferred because it grows easily and has minimal maintenance. Many people even do neglect, which can then cause some problems. For some things you need to know, check out the following What's Wrong with My Snake Plants?

Leaf defects


In general, snake plants have thick and hard leaves, so they can grow neatly and upright. However, when you see leaves that are mushy, curled, or starting to turn yellow, it is a sign that your watering is not right. Excessive or insufficient watering will be very susceptible to stressing plants. 

In addition, it can also be caused by pests or diseases. Having a snake plant in a damp house, will make some diseases really like it. You also need to pay attention to the humidity of the room in the snake plant area.


Weak and withered leaves


Snake plant is a plant that likes bright light. The difference between the two plants is about their different placement. Plants that appear to have limp and withered leaves are in a dimmer area and snake plants, that look upright and fresh, are placed in areas that have bright light. 

When you encounter a snake plant with wilted leaves, you may need to move it to a lighter area immediately. Wait a few weeks for the leaves to return to health.



Burnt leaves


 However, although snake plants love bright light, avoid placing them in intense direct light. This will cause the leaves to burn and dry out. You have to be aware of it when the leaf buds start to dry out and spoil the look.

When you have it as a houseplant, it is best to place it in a bright area with indirect sunlight. This will reduce the risk of leaf damage. 

Twisted leaves


Another thing that causes snake plant leaves to wither and limp is the result of excessive watering so that the roots are unable to support the leaves and spread nutrients. If you water it too often, you can even cause the roots to rot, and it will be difficult to help your snake plant. 

Before this happens, you need to give the snake plant a watering schedule, so you don't forget to water it. Or you can check a few inches from the soil surface to see if it needs watering or not.

Plants that don't grow


Although snake plant does not grow very fast, but if you have noticed for a long time that your snake plant is not growing any bigger, you can check the roots. This may be because the pot is too small and causes the roots to not grow anymore. 

If you find your snake plant in this condition, check the pot immediately and make sure you repot by moving it to a larger size. Wait for some time to make sure whether it wants to grow or stays stuck.

Snake plants for pets and human


Another interesting thing for you to know is that this snake plant is toxic to humans and your pets. You can keep it out of reach of children and pets. However, the leaves of this snake plant are bitter when bitten and reduce the risk of being bitten more. 

Things that may happen when you swallow it are diarrhea, nausea, or irritation of the mouth. Be careful when placing it in the house.




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