Jade Plant: Meaning, Benefits, Types, and Maintenance Tips

 Homifine.com - Also known with lucky plant, Jade plant is the types of succulent with thick leaves and stems. They can store water at their thick stems, roots, and oval-shaped leaves. 

Belong to Crassulaceae family, this succulent can grow about 3 to 8-feet tall. Jade plants survive well in mild climates conditions like South Africa. 

Learn more for the Jade Plant below to improve your knowledge.

Benefits Having Jade Plants


Not only use for visually appealing at your home, Jade Plant can give you more benefit. Look at these for the benefits by growing Jade Plant at indoor:

  • Indoor air purifying
  • Low maintenance
  • Absorbing pollutant, such Carbon Dioxide
  • Medicinal properties

Types of Jade Plants

Over 40 types of Jade Plants in this world. But, here we have some popular Jade Plants types that you can learn:

Crassula Ovata Minor


This Crassula ovata 'Minor' is a plant whose leaves and distances between the meristems (points on the stem from which the leaves come out) are smaller. Not infrequently, this Jade plant types have the appearance of a tree or bonsai.

Hobbit Jade


Inspired from fantasy novel 'Lord of The Ring', Crassula ovata 'Hobbit' is a succulent with trumpet like leaves. And this Jade plant can grow well if you put them on the windowsill. Other way, you can grow them like Bonsai, as when a hobbit grows, it appears like a tree.

Pink Jade


Like the name, pink jade or Crassula ovata 'Pink Beauty' has elliptical leaves and stocky stems. Often grabs a lot of attention due to its stunning flowers with a light pink shade. Propagate this jade plant by use of the leaf or stem. 

Crassula Ovata Tricolor


Crassula Ovata Tricolor, or commonly call with Crassula Ovata 'Lemon & Lime', is a beautiful succulent shrub with attractive green leaves. The leaves have creamy white or pale yellow markings and flushed with pink in the bright sun. 

They can grow over 30 cm tall. Flowers in this Jade plant have star shaped, white with pink overtones and appear in showy clusters at the ends of the branches from late winter to early spring.

Crassula Arborescens


Crassula Arborescens or can call with silver jade plant is a succulent that has small and heavily branched. This evergreen shrub boasting fleshy with silver gray leaves. 

They can grow up to 4 - 5-feet tall and thrives in average to poor. If you wanna propagate this jade plant types, cut the stem or leaf or use seed.

Look tips for Maintenance


Jade plant is the one of houseplant that easy to maintenance. But, you can see these tips for Jade plants that can grow well:

  • Need full sun to grow and bloom. If the Jade plant has enough sunlight, the edges will have a red tint. It means Jade plant has been growing well.
  • Fertilize the Jade plant every 6 months. Avoid to fertilize the Jade plant during winter, they usually dormant at that time.
  • Well-drainage for the Jade plant's soil. Because it will retain excess water that can lead to fungal issues.

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